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Sudsy Sweet Treats Bath Bakery specializes in handmade artisan soaps that resemble bakery desserts, sweet treats & candies.  

The Palm Oil used in our soap base is from a palm oil supplier that is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable palm oil production.


~Sudsy Sweet Treats Bath Bakery Soap Making Products-a new line of soap making products!  Products will include bakery themed soap colorants, fragrance oils, soap base & soap molds along with specially made kits of all of our famous sudsy dessert creations for you to create at home! 

Kits will include-
Sudsy Chocolate Truffle Soap Kit
Sudsy Cupcake Soap Kit
Sudsy Cake Soap Kit
Sudsy Petite Four Soap Kit
....any many more to come!

~Sudsy Sweet Treats Bath Bakery is honored to be a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Choice Award Nominee


~Sudsy Sweet Treats Bath Bakery is honored to be a 2013 Martha Stewart American Made Choice Award Nominee



 Sudsy Sweet Treats Bath Bakery hosts workshops, private & group classes,  birthday parties, spa parties, as well as bridal party spa parties.  Let Sudsy Sweet Treats Bath Bakery host your next special event and indulge in one of a kind, customized creations. 

Proud Member of The Artisan Group®


Proud member, insured & certified through the Handcrafted Soap & Cosemetics Guild


Buttercream Cupcake Soap-Buttercream, cupcake soap
Buttercream Cupcake Soap
Lemon Cupcake Soap-Lemon, soap cupcake, soap
Lemon Cupcake Soap
Chocolate Cupcake Soap-soap, sudsy, soap cupcake, chocolate
Chocolate Cupcake Soap
Strawberry Cupcake Soap-strawberry, cupcake soap, soap, sudsy
Strawberry Cupcake Soap
Buttercream Cake Soap-sudsy, soap cake, soap, buttercream, dessert soap
Buttercream Cake Soap
Lemon Cake Soap-sudsy, soap, dessert soap, lemon cream, soap cake
Lemon Cake Soap
Strawberry Cake Soap-sudsy, soap, strawberry, soap cake
Strawberry Cake Soap
Chocolate Cake Soap-sudsy, soap, chocolate soap cake, soap cake, dessert soap
Chocolate Cake Soap
Neapolitan Sudsysicle Soap Popsicle-soapsicle, sudsy, neapolitan, soap, dessert soap, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, popsicle
Neapolitan Sudsysicle Soap Popsicle
Petit Fours Soap-soap, sudsy, dessert soap, buttercream, petite four
Petit Fours Soap
Chocolate Truffles Soap Boxed Gift Set-soap, chocolate soap
Chocolate Truffles Soap Boxed Gift Set
Sudsy Pony Soaps-Hunter/Jumper-
Sudsy Pony Soaps-Hunter/Jumper
Fudgesicle Sudsysicle Soap Popsicle-Fudgesicle Sudsysicle Soap Popsicle
Fudgesicle Sudsysicle Soap Popsicle
Whipped Foaming Bath Butter-whipped foaming bath butter, bath butter
Whipped Foaming Bath Butter
Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub-whipped foaming sugar scrub, sugar scrub
Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub
Neapolitan Cake Soap-neapolitan,chocolate,vanilla,strawberry,sudsy,sudsy sweet treats, soap, soap cake
Neapolitan Cake Soap
Sudsy Pony Soaps-Rearing Horse-
Sudsy Pony Soaps-Rearing Horse
Neapolitan Cupcake Soap-
Neapolitan Cupcake Soap
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Majestic Beauty-Marble-
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Majestic Beauty-Marble
Luscious Lips-Whipped Shea Butter Lip Frosting-lip frosting
Luscious Lips-Whipped Shea Butter Lip Frosting
Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub-Peppermint-
Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub-Peppermint
Out of Stock
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Out of Africa/African Sunrise-
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Out of Africa/African Sunrise
Out of Stock
Cupcake Bath Fizzie-
Cupcake Bath Fizzie
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Out of Africa/African Sunset-
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Out of Africa/African Sunset
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Majestic Beauty-Bronze-
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Majestic Beauty-Bronze
Out of Stock
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Gentle Giant-Bronze-
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Gentle Giant-Bronze
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Gentle Giant-Grey-
Sudsy Elephant Soap-Gentle Giant-Grey
Sudsy Pony Soaps-A Girl & Her Pony-
Sudsy Pony Soaps-A Girl & Her Pony
Sudsy Pony Soaps-Horse Head-
Sudsy Pony Soaps-Horse Head
Sudsy Pony Soaps-Cowboy Hat-
Sudsy Pony Soaps-Cowboy Hat
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